I'm always looking for hobbies to challenge my woodworking skills.  I've been working with wood almost all of my life and love it!  About 3 years ago I was at the woodworking shop and they were offering a class in turning pens.  I thought, I can do that and it would be challenging and fun!  Well, here I am with a WEB site to show and offer you my beautiful creations!  Every pen is custom made and has a lot of thought, time and TLC put into it and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them!  Once you purchase one you will be addicted and want one for all your writing needs!  And don't lend out your customized pen because you might not get it back! 

It's been said that hand writing is going away with all the technology that we have these days, but just think of the satisfaction you will get every time you write with one of my pens.  Everyone will want to know where you got it!

Once you receive your custom made pen, you will want to also give them away for gifts, because who doesn't want one of these beauties!  You will only get ooh's and aah's when using it!

Thank you for visiting and hope you find the pen of your dreams!

Bill DeForrest